Performance is the only thing.

Clients' Results is Job One

Clients come to us for exemplary results.

As their trusted trading algorithms provider, we strive to out-performance the expectations of our clients by continuously developing more trading algorithms for use in our clients' trading accounts so as to achieve even greater results.

We see this as our Number One job.

We want our clients to stay with us for the long term and, most importantly, refer us to their friends.

To date, all our clients are 100% referred to us by existing clients, as such, we believe we have done our job well.

But we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to strive, improve, and grow with our clients for years to come.

Below are some of our performance statistics over the past years

3.23% - 12.45%
1.16 - 2.58
1.39 - 3.23

Our Past Performance

People in the finance industry would know that the above-mentioned statistics are impressive.

But they are not here to impress you but rather to show that you are in good hands with us.

While past results are not indicative of future performance, we believe our dynamically programmed trading algorithms are robust enough to deliver the results as promised regardless of market conditions.

Like everyone else, we have gone through some black swan events like,

  1. the USDCHF debacle in 2015;
  2. the Brexit in 2016; and
  3. the most recent flash crash where Apple missed its earnings by USD 9B on the 3rd Jan 2019.

Many investors have lost money in these events, our clients, on the other hand, have made money in these 3 same events with our trading algorithms.

These events have, in fact, increased our client’s confidence in us and our algorithms.

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