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Clients come to us because they want to see consistent growth in their capital and their net worth.

They are tired of listening to the stories of their advisors whenever they suffer consistent losses.

They want an alternative. They want to be in control of their financial destiny.

They look to AlgoInsights for answers.

Our proprietary trading algorithms, utilizing mathematical formulas, high speed servers, and cloud technologies since 2010, execute trades at milliseconds speed to ensure that our clients get the best price for their trades. This is something no human trader can do. Ever.

All our trades are placed automatically without the need for human efforts. We take the human emotions of fear and greed out of the equation and replaced them with consistency and repeatability with our algorithms.

Unlike other trading algorithms which are static in their programming, our algorithms are dynamically programmed to follow the latest price movement in the Forex market.

As such, our clients have no worry about any drastic or sudden price movement. Our algorithms are already there, ready to execute a trade within one millisecond.

Our dynamically programmed algorithms have helped us deliver exemplary results that our clients deserve.

A look at our performance statistics shall tell you that you have the best in class algorithmic traders on your side to grow your wealth and net worth month after month.

What is Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is a type of automated trading done with the use of mathematical formulas run by powerful computers and cloud servers.

An algorithm, in trading, is a set of criteria calculations for entering and exiting a trade.

Our algorithms are dynamically programmed to do calculations with every price change in the Forex market, seeking for criteria to meet 100% before a trade is entered or exited.

Our algorithms make use of mathematical formulas, combined with mathematical models to make buy or sell decisions on a currency on an exchange.

Our algorithms often combine both high-frequency and low-frequency trading technologies to maximize client’s profit taking opportunities and thereby increasing client’s total portfolio returns.

Benefits of Algorithmic Trading

One of the big reasons that algorithmic trading has become so popular since 2009 is because of the 3 main advantages that it holds over human trading the markets manually.

The 3 advantages of algorithmic trading are related to speed, accuracy, and time freedom.

Since our trading algorithms are executed automatically, the first advantage is speed.

In our algorithms, trades are executed in 1 millisecond or less. Manual trading, by contrast, can't come close to mimicking the speed of algorithmic trading.

Trading with our algorithms, our clients have the advantage of scanning and executing trades on multiple currency pairs (up to 20 currency pairs) at any one time. Since trades can be analysed and executed faster that any manual trader can, more opportunities are available to our clients at better prices every single trading day.

The second advantage to algorithmic trading is accuracy.

Clients get to avoid the pitfalls of accidentally putting in the wrong trade associated with manual trading. With manual trading, you are more likely to buy or sell the wrong currency pair, or for the wrong trade volume, compared to our algorithms that require our entry and exit criteria to be met 100% before a trade can be executed every single time.

One of the biggest advantages of algorithmic trading is the ability to remove human emotions – fear and greed from the markets, as algorithmic trades are constrained within a set of predefined entry and exit criteria.

The removal of fear and greed from the markets presents a huge advantage for our clients because humans as in manual trading are susceptible to emotions of fear and greed that lead to irrational trading decisions and subsequently poor client’s results.

Algorithmic trading isn’t susceptible to fear and greed. Period.

And the third advantage of automated trading is time freedom.

With algorithmic trading, our clients don't have to spend as much time monitoring the markets, as all trades are executed automatically without continuous supervision from the clients.

This advantage gives our clients the freedom to maximize their time use with other more important matters in their lives.

Our clients can be anywhere in the world, doing what they like, and yet still get connected with the performance of the markets with our high speed cloud servers at any moment.

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