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Testimonial from Eugene, Singapore

I am Eugene, a university student.

Worried by the financial burden due to loans and insurance premiums, I have been finding many ways to build my wealth.

Personally, I had tried trading forex manually, but it was extremely tiring.

I chanced upon Victor and his algorithm on Facebook. I was intrigued by his algorithm and the number of testimonials he got.

Hence, I decided to meet him. With Victor’s dedication and his powerful algorithm, I started with Algoinsights.

After 4 months of trading, I have regained my capital. This is exceptional as I could never achieve that with months of manual trading.

Now, I am looking forward to earning passive income continuously with Victor's algorithms.

Furthermore, Victor would make it a point to meet and clarify any doubts.

The best part is that I don’t have to do anything after the initial set up.

The algorithm does all the work!


Testimonial from Sofia and Daniel, Malaysia


We are Daniel & Sofia from Malaysia. Daniel came from investment banking background whilst Sofia was from Marketing. We began our FX trading in 2018 with manual trading wanting to grow our investment assets. Both of us have fair knowledge and understanding of the FX trading environment. Our trading results have been inconsistent. One day, one of our dear friend in Singapore posted his trading patterns and success and boy, were we impressed!! He introduced to us Algoinsights and Victor.

Due to the distance, we only managed to meet with Victor in November. Victor kindly shared with us his principals and logic behind his algorithms as he has multiple packages available which are well tested with multiple currencies. Our trading experiences gave us enough insights to know that we have found a tool and partner that suit our investment and trading patterns and meet our expectations and we began trading with his algorithm in December.

Algoinsights, especially Victor have given us much support and encouragement and always available and ready to provide us with the clarifications that put our minds to ease. In our 2 months of trading, the income had gone beyond and above our expectations and definitely better than what we were able to generate through manual trading. It has built our confidence that we can sleep soundly at night knowing that Algoinsights is hard at work throughout the trading hours!

FX trading is not for everyone, but if you have an understanding of FX trading and can stomach high risk and is looking for an algorithm that is highly diversified, we will recommend you to have a chat with Victor. It is important that you find a tool that can match your expectations but more importantly, have a mentor who is willing to guide you and give you the clarification that you need,so that you are rest assured knowing that your money is working for you.

Today, we still do our manual trading but having an algorithm on the side means that we do not have to spend so much time trading on a daily basis. This is a journey we have started and we are looking to stay long term FX trading with Algoinsights.

Daniel & Sofia TAN


Testimonial from Freddy, Singapore

I first got to know AlgoInsights when I came across a blog message “Stop Loss Hunting” that was sent to me via a group chat.

So I got into their website and read the blog. I found it to be relevant and interesting. And the next thing I knew I’ve finished reading all the blogs at AlgoInsights!

I knew very little about Forex trading and strongly believe in leveraging on the experts this field. So I did Copy Trading whereby I copy the “best” traders and sit on it and expect to make gains in my Forex investments.

However this was not to be. I lost every “Copy Trade” that I ventured into until I embarked on automated trading with AlgoInsights.

In less than 2 months I made gains of over 15.4%  of my capital sum.

After 2 months with  AlgoInsights, I do appreciate their system to be robust, tested and proven to work over a long period of time. It is designed to work on up to 20 currency pairs, over 4 Algorithms with minimal drawdown risks.

Best of all we just need to set and forget, without much work on our part.
And needless to say, Victor Ang is a good mentor who is passionate about Forex trading. He is patient and dedicated, and cares about our trading results.

For those looking for a passive income stream, I strongly recommend AlgoInsights!

Freddy Ngiam


Testimonial from Gary, Singapore

My name is Gary Yeo. I had been working in Singapore Manufacturing Hard Disk Industries for the past 30 years.

I’m a technical guy. I had gone through half of my life looking at things thru perspective of data and logic,  to decide what is right and wrong.

I had stepped down from my job at the beginning of the year, and leading a retired life at home, watering and sunning my plants !!!

Life is boring now, and need to find something to do or look at, and at the same time, finding some passive income.

My long time friend – Ming Tay recommended me to AlgoInsights and Victor Ang.

This is the 1st time I came into Forex Trading. I had been a passive stock investor all these while, investing only in Bluechip stocks that will gain money in term of buy/sell in stock market, and dividends if I’m stuck with the stock.

Meetup with Victor about 1.5 months back. 1st impression was a very open and honest guy. He explained  the Forex trading and AlgoInsights in details.

Lots of terms in the Forex trading is familiar, while there were lots of new terms that I have never came across.

Being new to Forex trading, I will naturally have lots of reservation in dealing with Forex investment.

My main concern at that very point in time was the high cost of investment in the EA algo software. What is my ROI ?? When can I recover my software cost investment, before seeing profit ??

I keep asking.

Victor was so  confident in his EA algo and Trading strategy, that he  even made the promise that my software investment can been recover in 2 months of trading !!!

I started the investment account in the middle of Nov 2018.  7 weeks had since passed.  I monitored the trading results (profit and loss) every single day, day and night !!!

I have gain 37.5% of the capital that I have invested.  I have recovered all my EA software investment cost, as per promised by Victor.

I texted him immediately – Victor, you have live up to your promise !!!!

I’m now ready to do more investment with AlgoInsights.

My advice to new readers – Victor was right in his AlgoInsights Forex investment strategy –  SLOW and STEADY. Put in the investment and monitor the results. Do no rush. Do not hope to get rich over night.

Trust, open and ready to accept new ideas, patience and calm, and Gain as ONE,  is what AlgoInsights and Victor is promoting.

Cheers and waiting for more profit – calmly and slowly.



Testimonial from Henry and Richard Foo

All thoughts, I just seen you since Sept 23, 2017 when you first introduce us to Algo with my son Henry, Believe me, I am green in this area of trade.

Glad to have met you to understand my first experience in the trading trade. Even I had invested a small amount, I begin to see the difference in my account.

I must say, I still have not fully understand how it works.

I must say, to those who had not done trading of this kind, just believe what Victor had to say and go from thereBelieve that the pot of gold with be within your reach in the future that you will have to thank The Lord that gives gives you the insight to what may not fully understand. But to enjoy the fruits that you had planted.

Well done Victor. Henry and I like to takes this opportunity to wish All The Best in 2019 and a Happy New Year.

Henry and Richard Foo


Testimonial from Christopher, Singapore

I worked as a relationship manager in a bank. Many perceived those working in a bank to earn a lot of money with good benefits, which is half the story told. As a RM, there are sales targets to be met and it is expected to work 7 days a week if your sales is not up to mark.

On a daily basis, my conversations with customers will always bring up the topic of employment security. Many Singaporeans in their 40s and above faced the-brutal-once-a-decade transformation of the labour market.

With digitalisation, many jobs will be lost in the next 5 years. These jobs include work as a RM.

A closed friend of mine of 10 years shared this idea of a passive income and I was linked up for a chat. I was skeptical about passive income as there are many scams going around.

I have no prior trading experience, despite being banking and finance trained. I do have my own investments in unit trusts.

My best investment return in a single year was about 25%, which is exceptional.

With Algoinsights, it is a monthly return of more than 10%. You do not need to analyse too much into what currency pairs to trade, when to enter a trade and when to close a trade.

Algoinsights is not 100% winning trades, but i do have a >90% winning rate with Algoinsights.

Be patience, do not over trade and do not expect miracle overnight.


Testimonial from Wilson, Singapore

My journey with Algoinsights began in an interesting way.

I chanced upon the website while surfing online.

The contents of the “Before We Meet” and “Terms and Conditions” pages made me curious.

Therefore, I contacted Victor, and we arranged to have coffee.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Been running the algos for about 2 months now.

The really special thing about Victor is his dedication.

On one hand, his algos were designed to be ‘set and forget‘, for a fuss-free experience.

On the other, he makes a point to have regular meet ups, to provide coaching, clarification about the algo, and support in our journey.

He is really like a mentor, and genuinely wants to help us grow our account and duplicate the success that he has experienced.

For those who are looking for a breakthrough in life, or a boost to investment portfolio, AlgoInsights is an option I would recommend for consideration.

Do arrange a chat with friendly Victor, hear what he has to offer, and maybe you might find something useful and interesting.



Testimonial  from Louisa, Singapore

Hi my name is Louisa and has been doing account servicing at my current company for over 7 years.

I have always yearned for an effective way to earn passive income until I came across Victor’s profile and what he has to offer on Facebook.

I was skeptical at first, but Victor’s professionalism and enthusiasm won me over almost immediately during our first meeting.

I have just started with Algoinsights for one month and it’s giving me incredible results!

Victor’s commitment to replace my current income within 6 months is so reassuring!

Contact Victor today for a total customized and awesome trading experience!



Testimonial from Jenny, Singapore

I run biz for 10 years n decided to call it quit n sold my operation to a biz associate to take over.

Running a biz has its breeze n drizzle/storm. U get to enjoy cum endure them all.

I joined the workforce for 1.5 years n had left recent month n blessed to join a friend in his budding biz.

Being in biz again, I want to get into networking again n I remembered Victor whom I met 2 years ago. He led a network then n so I tot let’s get connected…but who knows (God knew)..he had already stopped the networking platform n is into trading.

Sometime later we met…my meeting with him was not for trading but for basically to just connect w him again for catch up..there he shared about his aglo.

In the past I had spent tens of thousands on trading courses which promised this n that but it never happened. And of cos these hard-earned money became “lesson-learnt” n nerve wracking experience each time I trade. Looks like trading is not for me or was it those trading schools suck ! (sucks in the teaching n sucks your money n sucks in their integrity after “promises” made)

It was with skepticism at scale 7 + scale 3 leap of faith (ha ha).
Now it is at full scale 10 (+1) happiness ! Ke-ching Ke-ching.

Take the first step … chat with Victor.


Testimonial from Gabriel, Singapore

I first known Victor about 3 years ago at his Entrepreneurs Network Meetings, The Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) on Wednesdays. I recalled he has a good and honest character, who has a strong desire to give back to society. After several meetings, I stopped attending them due to the hectic work schedule back at my old job then.

Fast forward 3 years later (i.e. 2018), I saw several of his Facebook posts in my feed about how his clients have experienced many increasing “pips” to their trading accounts. I didn’t know what were “pips” then, but judging from their looks in their photos I was sure as hell know it had to be something good! It was through these posts that I realized Victor just started AlgoInsights, promising wealth through the strategies of duplication and leverage in Forex.

That was then I began to read several of his blog posts, client testimonies, and of course what his Forex system was all about on his website. It sounded intriguing to be sure, but I was hesitant because of my preconceptions about Forex itself (like how it was akin to gambling and huge losses).

Several months later however, I decided to jump in, and contacted him on a sunny afternoon to arrange to meet up with him for the first time in 3 years.

Victor introduced me to his trading strategy, and explained how his system was not a quick-fix route to become filthy rich, but rather it was a long-term serious investment. He also explained patiently about the fundamentals of trading, what is MT4, candlesticks, and how his Expert Advisors were superior to human control.

For a person who know next to nothing about trading, I was very appreciative of his thoughtfulness to take the time to go into these necessary details for me. In fact, my first meeting was not a hard sell by him, and he himself wanted to be certain that his system was right for me.

For the next few weeks after getting into the system, I was surprised to see how well I was doing. In my first month alone I registered more than 11,000 pips. Granted, there was a big hiccup in the MT4 platform that I was using then (similar to what most of his clients were trading on), but it was a technical glitch and through no fault on Victor. Yet, he expanded his time and energy to come up with solutions that would resolve the issue I had then, and I admired his resolve and responsibility to do right by his clients in this manner. Now, I’m currently in a new MT4 platform, and utilizing a new strategy proposed by him, and I couldn’t be happier!

I could see my wealth growing steadily, and I can’t wait to reach to the point where I can duplicate my account. It won’t be long then, and I must say the system works!

Kudos to Victor and his efforts for all these, and for correcting my notions about Forex!

Let us all grow in wealth together!


Testimonial from Fitrie, Singapore

Hello fellow good people!

I am Fitrie, born & raised in the fabulous country of Singapore and have been a member of the working society for the last 12 years upon graduation from a local tertiary institution.

Ironically, as much as “money is not everything”, everything does actually constitute to the dollars and cents and that finance has a place in our everyday life.

At a pretty tender age of 22, having earned regular income on my own, I embarked a journey of financial management, a realm that I grew to have passion in.

I develop a healthy financial portfolio over time, comprising of insurance policies and investment-linked products, whereas the other part is investments.

I was not game enough for trading, though. I did not know trading was like and more importantly, unfortunate stories of people losing their precious monies from trading reached to my ears and influenced me.

But now, this is history – only after i crossed path with the esteemed founder of AlgoInsights, Victor Ang, whom I’ve known for almost 4 years.

Albeit that my finances were growing steadily, i was lacking one thing – the passive income. A burning desire to attain it, I did my research and survey, after which came to a conclusion that AlgoInsights is the most convincing and trustworthy brand which could come to my rescue.

I began opening up my mind to the trading world, listening to the words of Victor and giving myself an opportunity to step my feet in.

Albeit that I am still young with AlgoInsights, I am a happy client.

In my first month, I garnered a swift “free money” of $1,900 and come the second one, I am witnessing more money crediting into my bank account! Now, why do I say “free money”? Simply because I do close to nothing, yet I’m joyfully earning!

Victor himself is far from disappointment – through my numerous contacts with him, he has displayed awesome dedication and knowledge as a mentor and has the genuine and best intent and interest for his clients.

When he says he wants to help people achieving their financial dreams and freedom, you can be assured that he is not lying through his teeth.

Victor sets aside his time to conduct personal lessons to me just so that I am clear about what I am getting myself into, on top of being responsive in my electronic communications with him. So far so good!

I believe I am on the right track of realizing my financial dreams. Now, what about you? If you have your own share of hopes, don’t just read this and do nothing afterwards. Avoid procrastinating and take charge for your life and future.

Best regards


Testimonial from Ming Tay, Singapore

Testimony: 120 days on algo trading

Today is my 120 days of algorithm Forex trading using Victor’s strategies.

The capital growth is 15.6%.

We started slow with 3 currency pairs and 1 PowerBands strategy. There was a seeding period of about 2 weeks which was expected.

After gaining some confidence, we added 1 PowerStochastic strategy while keeping 3 currency pairs.

Soon after, when growth was consistent, we topped up to 10 currency pairs. Subsequently, another top up to 20 currency pairs was done.

From the chart, at each change we made, the curve becomes steeper. And for each change, we allowed time for it to take effect.

Switching from manual trading to algorithm trading requires a mindset change. One must get use to high number of open trades at the end of each day.

When profit momentum is high, we can be over excited and be tempted to over trade. These are marked changes that could sabotage the overall plan.

Victor’s weekly meeting addressed that very well to avoid disaster.

What an experience for the first 120 days!

Looking forward to the half year review.


Testimonial from Alvin and Stefni, Singapore

My wife and I have no prior experience in Forex trading and only heard that it comes with high risk with profit and loss can be lightning fast.

With this mindset, we avoided Forex trading at all costs.

And so when we were introduced to Algoinsights and Victor, we were cautious and skeptical over its claims. We even questioned how different it is with the many other gurus out there where you pay thousands of dollars for a seminar and effectively learn nothing. That would be a total waste of money!

After speaking to a few who had joined Algoinsights earlier, we took a leap of faith and we are glad that it was the best decision we have ever made!

From day 1 the algorithms started trading, we started making profits daily!

So, what is difference between Victor from the other Forex gurus?

Victor meets you regularly to coach you one to one, clarifies your doubts and scales up your trades slowly and steadily to a comfortable level.

The good news is you don’t even have to know Forex to be trading profitably!

All thanks to Victor and his mentor-ship, we have learnt a lot in our Forex journey in generating passive income for ourselves.

And of course, his algorithms did all the trading!

Expect more! Cheers!


Testimonial by Dominic Teo, Singapore

I came to know of AlgoInsights through a friend and it was out of curiosity that prompted me to contact Victor to find out more about his algorithms.

After having met Victor, what impressed me most was his commitment and believe that his algorithms would be the key to providing a stream of income not achievable through other conventional means.

All I can say at this point is that it has been a positive experience, not only from a financial point of view but also from a relationship point of view.

May this positive experience continue to grow for years to come.

Testimonial by Ben Bushido Soo, Singapore

Hey Victor!

Love your social proof and results!

I admire what you’re doing, touching many lives through AlgoInsights.


Testimonial by Bryan and Evelyn, Singapore

Meeting Victor has been an absolute privilege as he has been a great mentor in my Forex trading journey.

The dedication he displays with his guidance and his follow ups is remarkable.

His simplification of Forex trading is just astounding.

His algorithms are so effective that in just a span of 8 weeks, I have already seen a 20% increase in capital.

Thank you Victor for all your help and support.


Testimonial by Andy Wee (fertilitycare.com.sg/site/getting-started/)

I started off hardly knowing much about Forex trading other than it being fast paced, profitable yet high risk.

Having the privilege to meet Victor of AlgoInsights gave me some understanding of the Forex world and how he has been trading it successfully in the past years.

What Victor offers is a more than a set of effective algorithms which capitalize on the huge Forex market which runs 24/5, it is a complete system to grow passive incomes yet not be exposed to big risks.

Since I setup my system, each week, he shares with me detailed knowledge about the inner workings on how the Forex market runs.

After 8 weeks of using his algorithms on an automated trading system, my closed trades has increased my capital by 40%!

I wished I had met Victor earlier, nevertheless it is not too late to start on this method of generating passive income and I highly recommend it to my family and friends who are keen to build a sustainable fund for financial freedom.


Testimonial by Wai Kein, Singapore

I have not traded in Forex before. However Victor has  been a great mentor to teach me on the use of the MetaTrader 4 system. He has also been guiding me on the correct approach to maximize profits based on my own comfort level.

Most important is to trade like a lady!

The Expert Advisers (EAs) from AlgoInsights have been producing its intended results on a consistent basis.

It has allowed me to achieve more than 20% of my original capital in 6 weeks at less than 0.15% maximal drawdown.

Thank you Victor for your efforts in creating these wonderful EAs!


Testimonial by Ming Tay, Singapore

Below are the stats from our AlgoInsights client, Ming Tay on his Forex trading account that he started with us about 2.5 months ago using our fully automated trading algorithms – Power Bands and Power Stochastics.

His stats are to serve as a testimony to our trading algorithms.

In addition to trading the Forex market for a monthly recurring passive income, he is also a Productivity Consultant at his own company Goshen Consilium Pte Ltd (GoshenConsilium.com).

Please visit his website to find out more about his Productivity Solutions.

Here are his stats:

Total trades: 327
Short position won: 162 (95.68%)
Long position won: 165 (96.97%)
Profit trades: 315 (96.33%)
Loss trades: 12 (3.67%)

Overall Win Rate: 96.33%


Testimonial by Mei Chi and Kok Liang, Singapore

Trading is something that makes me tick. I attended a few courses on trading in the past but has not been able to make it work. Most course providers will tell you it is at your risk and do your research. But for most layman it is truly hard to do our own research. It is also hard to fork out time to focus on the market, execute a trade and monitor without feeling jittery and hesitance.

When I found Victor’s clients’ testimonials, I can’t help feeling curious. Why are all of them smiling brightly?

Then I learnt about the strategy that Victor proposed. I was so dumb-shocked. Maybe I could finally make it work. It seems like a veil lifted away from the mysteries of trading.

To me Victor understands Forex more than anyone else lecturing in this topic. He is like the great strategist Zhuge Liang.

One thing I know now is that with human mind and time we can never beat the market with manual trading.

Victor simplified things so much that anyone can really start trading and get the best odds. His patience and commitment is unprecedented. He meets my hubby and I every week, monitoring our accounts and margin level.

I have finally seen what it means by make money work for you and make money when you sleep.

Robust strategy, consistency and most importantly caring for his students on his team makes Victor stand out from the noises of coaching and training in the trading field. Our profits matter to him. I like the tagline: Let the Profits do the talking.


Testimonial by KH Tan, Singapore

As a retiree, I’ve always wanted to know how Forex works and how I can make some money from the market for my retirement. I’ve spend thousands of dollars on courses and books and they all resulted in failure.

I finally decided to stop trading for a couple of years until I met Victor at an investment fair. We were sharing the same table for lunch. He came across to me as someone who is very passionate about Forex and passive income generation. I was very much intrigued. We also shared our trading experience and strategies. That was the first time I heard about Power Bands.

We met up on several occasions to get to know each other better. Each time he would show me how some of his trades had taken profits. He was not selling me but just showing me how Power Bands could help me generate a passive income source.

I was somehow convinced that Power Bands could be my answer and decided to start trading with him with an open mind.

That turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made as far as Forex trading is concerned. Following his advise on applying Power Bands over multiple currency pairs, and multiple time frames has made my trading a bliss since then. Thank you Victor for helping me.

Testimonial by Dickson, Singapore

Victor has been the most responsive and responsible Forex mentor I know so far. Whenever I have a question or problem with my trading he is always there for me.

In fact, he is more anxious than me to help me solve my problems. While he never promise me “lifetime mentoring” like what others did, I think Victor has proven himself through his actions to help me understand his algorithms and increase my trading capital.

Thank you.


Testimonial by Ming Tay, Singapore

I started trading with only Power Bands in mid May 2018 with Victor. In 3 weeks’ time, my trading capital increased 6%. Victor then helped me understand how I can improve my returns by adding Power Stochastic to complement Power Bands. After his explanation, I decided to add in Power Stochastic to my trading portfolio. By early July 2018, my trading capital improved another 8% with most profits contributed by Power Stochastic.

The Power Bands strategy trades between the upper and lower bands. It may take some time to close trades. Power Stochastic, however, is a short term trading strategy designed to open and close trades within the boundaries of the Power Bands.

At times in a long trending environment, Power Bands may end with trades that incur losses. However, with Power Stochastic in place, the losses incurred in Power Bands are being compensated by the gains made by Power Stochastic. Therefore losses are reduced to a minimal or at times, a small profit gained.

To me, this becomes an interesting hedging method, and more interestingly this is done within the same currency pair instead of hedging using complementary currency pairs.

Thank you Victor for putting so much thoughts into your algorithms.

Thank you for helping me in my trading career.


Testimonial by Vanessa Kumar, Singapore

Victor is someone who delivers what he promises. He has been consistently checking in on my understanding of the algorithms and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Hence, his algorithms aren’t just for those who understand Forex but for those who believe in consistency that leads to exponential capital growth.

The results have proven that algorithmic trading does work and like what Victor always say “Let your profits do the talking“.


Testimonial by Genevieve Fu, Singapore

Victor has been really patient guiding me through the process of trading and how the Expert Advisor (EA) works.

He always responds promptly if I have any queries. What really impressed me is his level of commitment seen by his follow up.

He checks back with me almost every other day to ensure the EA is working well and also helping me understand why it works in a certain way.

Thank you Victor!

Testimonial from Kevin, Singapore

Hi everyone, I’m Kevin.

It’s very nice to see so many like-minded people at the client appreciation event on the 16th Jan 2019. Thank you again Victor, for organizing this event. (You will need to book a ballroom for the next event.)

Victor’s auto trading system not only generate consistent profits but also at the same time training your patience (ha ha). Just believe in the system and nothing will go wrong. Leave the emotions for the system to do its magic.

I am glad that I have met Victor. The first meeting with Victor and conversations with him have already won my trust into investing my precious dollars in the system.

Up to date, it has generated 82% of profits since Oct 2018.

Damn solid!

For those not in Victor’s clan yet, the numerous testimonies written here are real life examples. If you are still unsure, you could just contact anyone of us, we are willing to share with you our results.

Time waits for no man.



Testimonial from Ben, Singapore

Good day,

I am Benedict and I am 23 this year. I am currently an undergraduate. I was in debt because I was a seminar junkie.

So to all of you who spent at least 4 figures in seminars, I feel you.

I met Victor Ang during a networking event and he left me with a positive impression so I kept in contact with him. I did not regret it.

I did manual trading for a brief period and it was a lot tougher than trading with Algoinsights.

I believe I made the right choice to seek and listen to Victor Ang.

He helped me to gain a 6.25% returns within 30 days of trading!

I don’t believe in saving for the sake of saving. Save to invest.

Invest in yourself, in someone you trust and in a system.

Thank you for your guidance and mentorship, Victor Ang.

Cheers!! Benedict


Testimonial from Vincent, Singapore

Hi I am Vincent, I have been Banking and Finance industry for 7 years.

It is tough to keep up with the changing world especially with all the disruption from automation and IT technologies recently, hence, jobs will never be guaranteed in the future.

Through my colleague’s post on her Forex trading results, I get to know Victor and his business, Algoinsights.

I do not have any experience in trading in Forex but only investment in Shares.

Turning back in 2012, I had attended a free Forex Seminar and they are boosting about their course which they will train you to trade with a 90% winning rate and in additional, they will send you a month free SMS alert to Enter and Exit your trades and the course fee is $5k.

At that moment, the course was very attractive and no doubt I was tempted to sign up with them.

Thinking through, I went online to research and to my shock, 90% of people lost their money through manual trading. I did a research on that company and mentor, but didn’t manage to find any information or review.

That made me felt very uncomfortable and skeptical about the Forex course. Luckily, I made the right decision not to believe someone that can paint the picture so well by manually trading.

Near to end of 2018, my colleague had posted her Forex trading results and I was amazed by that so I caught a conversation with her. She mentioned that Algoinsights is using a Algorithm programming to automate the trades.

This made me more interested to know more and also by researching on the Algoinsights and reading through its client’s testimonials, I would like to give a try to his system.

I had learnt from Victor that the difference from manual trading and his Algorithm programming which he is providing to me will make trading faster and systematically without any emotional attachment. No monitoring or manual trade are required which I LOVE IT!!!

Within 2 months, my capital had increased 26.4%, this made me felt very furious not to know him earlier.

My advice to any readers — not to waste any time or money in other Forex programs and take the opportunity to grow your money with Victor.