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Whether you are a High Net Worth Individual or a successful business entrepreneur, we believe we can help you fill your financial need.

Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2009, our world economy has never been the same. It has become even more unstable and unpredictable.

Events like trade wars, technology disruptions, inflation, and recession etc. They threaten the survival of our business and our next paycheck. They threaten our personal and business income directly and our livelihood indirectly.

As such, we live in a constant state of paranoia. We worry about our financial future more and more each day.

This is the need we want to fill in the lives of our clients - to help them create a stream of passive income so they can put their worry to rest.

With AlgoInsights, clients can really start to appreciate the power of passive income to increase their wealth and net worth.

We are proud to be able to fill this need of our clients with our trading algorithms.

The Lack of Passive Income is the Problem

Yes. This is the hard-truth for the most of us in the working society.

Whether you are holding on to a job (a.k.a Just Over Broke) or running your small business, you are basically trading your time for money. You are ONLY working for a living, nothing more than that.

The lack of passive income is the problem to most of your financial woes.

Every day of every month, you worry about your bill payments and other financial obligations. You worry because you MUST be there to make the money or your lenders will be knocking on your doors, or your children be out of school, or your car be towed away etc. This is NOT what your life is meant to be.

But this is NOT your fault. Since young, we have been educated to study hard at school, get good grades, work for a great company, and die with mountains of debt for your children to repay or retire with a cheap digital watch on your wrist. This is very much the life-cycle of most working adults. A sad picture, isn't it?

The rich don't fall into this life-cycle because they live their lives on passive income NOT active income. They get busy with creating streams of passive income while holding on to their active income till they get out and free themselves financially. Like I always say, "dig your well before you are thirsty."

Frankly, it is so much easier to get rich and be rich now than ever before. There are so many legitimate investment vehicles that can help you create another source of passive income in your life. You just need to know who to follow and what to follow. And over time, your passive income source will grow to exceed all your monthly financial obligations. This is when you start to live your life at your own terms.

At AlgoInsights, we are proud to have helped many individuals live their lives the way they want it.

3 Major Benefits of Passive Income

Benefit #1 - The Power of No Effort and Low Capital

There are many ways to create streams of passive income in your life. However, not all passive income are created equal. Some would require you to put up a high capital outlay and/or massive efforts to generate those income. This is not ideal.

We believe that ideal streams of passive income must NOT require massive efforts and capital outlay on our part. And this is the reason why we specialize in trading the Forex market with our FULLY automatic trading algorithms.

No effort. Low capital outlay. Most ideal.

Benefit #2 - The Power of Choice and Control

As your streams of passive income continue to increase over time, you will have more control over the lifestyle of your choice. You can now choose to do whatever you want, whenever you want it, and with whoever you want.

You will begin to face your financial future with optimism and control rather than with worry and anxiety. Your outlook on your life will be that of a "can do" attitude rather than a "why me" attitude.

You will make more friends because they all want to be like you - to have choice and control over their financial lives.

Benefit #3 - The Power of Dreams Fulfilled

We want to be rich not because we want to show-off but to fulfill our childhood dreams and the dreams of our loved ones. This MUST your objective for getting rich - to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

Our active income will go down one day. There are many causes for this - retrenchment, career disruption, ill-health etc. As such, without any passive income, most working adults who live from hand-to-mouth are hit the hardest. Our active income is so unstable and short-term. We can hardly depend on our active income anymore.

At AlgoInsights, we believe we are here to fulfill a purpose, a dream, and to make this world a better place. Not just to work and then die broke.

So, what is your DREAM?

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