We are obsessed to grow our client’s wealth.

Let your profits do the talking

We help our clients increase their total portfolio returns by trading the Forex market with our fully automated Forex trading algorithms.

We are obsessed to make profits for our clients on a monthly basis. This obsession is to fulfill our tagline -- “Let your profits do the talking”.

This tagline is more just than a tagline for us. It is our promise to our clients for what we do best at AlgoInsights. And we have been delivering this promise to our clients since 2010.

Over the years, we are glad that our clients have been talking about their profits gained among their friends. In the process, we have received many referrals from them.

This is how AlgoInsights has grown over the years.

How we serve our clients

Our clients are served by our group of experienced Relationship Managers (RMs) who are a bunch of happy, positive, and cheerful people dedicated to serve the needs of our clients, grow their portfolio returns, and maintain a professional long-term relationship with them.

We want happy clients. We are happy to see our client’s portfolios grow. And we want clients to be happy with us. Because only happy clients would give us referrals.

And referrals has been the backbone of our growth over the years.

How we care for our clients

We are careful in what we do and who we work with.

As such, we only work with qualified clients and credible business partners to achieve a win-win relationship for all.

To ensure our client’s confidence, we work with business partners that are financially sound, with forward-looking leadership, and practises utmost responsibility in handling and managing our client’s funds.

This is precisely why we choose to work exclusively with Axitrader.

In addition, our business partners MUST be regulated and licensed by the local authorities that we operate in. That our client’s funds are deposited into an escrow bank account in the personal or corporate name of the client to ensure safety and security of their funds.

Therefore, clients always have absolute control over their escrow bank accounts. No one else.

Our Process

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