Promises to Keep. Keeping Promises.

Promises Kept

Unlike others, we do not promise astronomical annual returns to our investors. Astronomical returns in any type of investments entail extremely high-risk strategies that are detrimental to our investors’ pocketbook and contrary to our main objective of increasing the net worth and preserving the wealth of our investors.

We believe in delivering sustainable growth for our investors.

Sustainable growth is more stable, predictable, and repeatable according to our past experience. We believe that even a single-digit growth annually in a sustained manner, we can double our investors’ net worth and wealth faster than they can ever imagine.

Sustainable growth is most ideal for our investors who seek long term growth in their portfolios. It is what they have always wanted. It is the promise we keep.

Time and Reinvestment

The key to our investment strategy is not astronomical annual returns but the passage of time.

Through the passage of time, when our investors invest early with us, they give the maximum amount of time to work for them and thereby improve their prospects of increasing their net worth and preserving their wealth.

In addition to time, we reinvest a portion of our investors’ total annual dividends back into our whole investment portfolio to further boost the returns to our investors due to the effects of compounding.

Through dividend reinvestment and the effects of compounding, our investors may not make any further cash contributions or top-ups to their portfolio anymore and yet continue to receive their annual dividends for decades to come.

The Power of Reinvestment

Reinvestment based on the principle of compounding is a powerful strategy because annual returns are reinvested to generate additional future returns.

However, the compounding effect requires time. The longer the time period over which we reinvest our returns, the greater our rewards as we allow our investments to grow over time.

For example, an investment amount of $500,000 at 5% p.a. compounded annually over 10 years will return an investment value of $814,447 or a Return on Investment (ROI) of 62.89%. If the same investment is compounded over 30 years, it will return an investment value of $2,160,971 or a Return on Investment of 332.19%. A huge difference of 269.3% in your Return on Investment between the 2 time periods.

As seen in the example above, the power of reinvestment cannot be understated. It is a great way to make your money work harder – which is the secret to building long-lasting, multi-generational wealth.

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