We don’t try to be all things to all people.

We Serve the Affluent

In Singapore alone, we have more than 187,000 affluent individuals as at 2018.

Where do they invest their money?

They go by the normal route, namely, Stocks, Bonds, and Cash.

While these are good investment vehicles, they are poor in generating monthly recurring income or even capital growth due to inflation, high fees, and multiple hefty charges that eat up your returns.

Also, investments like these tend to be very long term in nature with holding periods of between 10 and 30 years. Eroding your purchasing power along the way.

In addition, when you own shares and bonds of corporations, they can go bust overnight taking all your hard-earned money with them.

History is full of such cases.

On the flip side, many affluent investors are being introduced to highly risky and speculative investment products by their advisors in their quest to generate more income and growth.

These products are so complex that even the advisors fail to understand them fully to give the correct advice.

So when things turned south, the investors suffer losses in most cases as a result.

Look back your past investment or trading history with your advisors and you will know what you just read is true.

We feel that this adversarial relationship between the advisors and the investors must come to an end.

We believe affluent investors should start taking investments into their own hands and stop listening to their advisors' stories whenever they lost money in their portfolios.

We believe there is a better alternative to wealth creation.

This is where the algorithmic trading services of AlgoInsights comes in.

We are great at what we do - to increase the net worth of our clients. End of story.

With a minimum startup investment capital of 100,000 SGD or USD, you can REALLY start growing your capital at a rate of between 3% and 5% per month with us.

The rest, like they say, is history.

NOTE: Minimum investment amount: 100,000 SGD or USD.

We Serve the Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are of a different breed.

They believe in themselves and their business ideas.

They borrow from banks and make themselves guarantors for those debts in their quest to make their business ideas come true.

But they did not realize that 50% of any new business do not get pass the 3rd anniversary and less that 3% of them get to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

It is no surprise that we have more than 12,000 businesses closed their doors annually in Singapore.

Our high business failure rate has been caused by a few key factors:-

High capital requirements;

High operating costs;

High debt levels;

Low profit margins;

Long sales cycle;

Long accounts receivable days of 120 or more; and

Short 30-day business expenditures like salaries, rental payment, interest payment, CPF etc.

Because of the above-mentioned factors, most business are run by debts. And, ironically, they are often foreclosed by their own creditors because of those debts.

Question is what happens to their debts after they closed their business?

They either continue their struggle to pay off those debts or being sued bankrupt by their creditors and banks.

At times, they declare their own bankruptcy.

This is the reason why the entrepreneurship journey is filled with bankruptcies and bad debts.

At AlgoInsights, we believe we can help change the destiny of aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them generate a constant source of recurring passive income that they can use to pay for their monthly business expenditures like salaries, CPF, office rental, utilities, and debt repayments etc while they wait for their customers to make their payments.

With AlgoInsights, entrepreneurs can get to realize their business ideas and celebrate their 10th business anniversary in style.

NOTE: Minimum investment amount: 100,000 SGD or USD.

We Serve the Communities

All Non-Profits and Social Enterprises around the world have one common problem - Funding.

They are in constant need of funds to carry out their works to fulfil their causes.

Very often, they would look for the low hanging fruits of asking for sponsorship and running fund raising activities.

While these have been the two common ways of raising funds for Non-Profits and Social Enterprises over the years, they are getting less and less efficient and effective.

Sponsors are tightening their belts or are being very selective in their sponsorship.

Fund raising activities are getting more costly to run than ever, logistically and financially.

In addition, those metal cans, plastic containers, and stickers that were used to raise the funds had to be thrown away after each use, thereby creating another environmental waste issue.

We believe there is a better and easier alternative to fund raising and sponsorship.

We believe that if all Non-Profits and Social Enterprises can generate the funds they need from the financial markets, then they will be self-funding themselves and they will have very little need to run those costly fund raising activities and, at the same time, save the environment.

This is where AlgoInsights aims to help out.

We aim to make any Non-Profits and Social Enterprises self-sufficient and self-funding with our trading algorithms.

However, we are aware that not all Non-Profits and Social Enterprises are allowed to generate funds from the financial markets for their organizational use.

Nevertheless, for those that could, fund raising activities will be a thing of the past for them.

NOTE: Minimum investment amount: 100,000 SGD or USD.

Important Note

AlgoInsights is NOT a fund management house.

We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of Forex trading algorithms to our clients on a profit-sharing basis.

As such, we do not manage our client's funds and each client trading account MUST be in the personal or corporate name of the client with our preferred partner, AxiTrader, .

In addition, all clients MUST fulfill AxiTrader’s Know-Your-Client (KYC) questionnaire and agree to all Terms and Conditions stated in their Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) before clients could use our algorithmic trading services in their trading accounts.

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