Impacting Lives. Saving the Planet.

Be a Social and Environmental Capitalist (SEC)

How to use our profits meaningfully has always been a question we often ask ourselves. There are several ways to do this - 1) we can reinvest it into our existing business, or 2) we can save it in the bank for our descendants as part of our legacy, or 3) we can use it to impact lives and save the planet.

We feel each of us has a responsibility and the capacity to make this world a better place for our future generations, socially and environmentally.

This is where becoming a Social & Environmental Capitalist (SEC) comes in. This is a term we coined for ourselves and we have been encouraging people who crossed our path to be a Social & Environmental Capitalist with us.

What Is a SEC All About

A Social & Environmental Capitalist is a capitalist with a higher purpose and has an ideology of liberty, equality, and justice for all. Our goals are to impact lives and save the planet through social and environmental improvements, rather than the accumulation of profits in the classic capitalist sense.

It is about investing and/or donating our corporate profits into businesses and charitable organizations or social groups that provide market-based solutions to help solve our social and environmental issues.

It is about using our corporate profits as a source for good.

How We Help

We help solve the social and environmental issues on 3 fronts:

  • We Invest in Technology and Businesses

Capital investments in technology has brought us to where we are today since the Industrial Age. As such, we believe further investments in technology will see us through the climate change, food, fresh water, and energy issues facing us today.

To date, through investments in technology, we have achieved technological breakthroughs in sustainability - like Renewable Energy, Sea Water Desalination, Agrivoltaics, Aquaponics, Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Geoengineering, etc. Although these technologies have not reached full scale yet, we believe it is a good start in the right direction.

  • We Reduce Our Consumption

Reducing our consumption means consuming less of almost everything - less beef, less meat, less fish, less seafood, less driving, less water, less electricity, less plastic, less leather goods, less fast fashion, etc.

We believe that reducing our consumption has the greatest and most immediate impact on reversing the climate situation facing us today.

No effort is too small - imagine each of us eat 1 beef burger less each week, buy 1 bottled water less each week, and drive 1 day less to work each week. These small actions add up to a huge benefit environmentally.

And whenever we consume, we only buy products and services from businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible. It is a concept we call – We Buy the Change We Want to See.

If we collectively buy only products and services from businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible, businesses that are not will get hit in their bottom line. They will eventually get the idea or go bust.

Individually, we are like a drop of water, but collectively, we are an ocean. Therefore, never think that your actions are insignificant. Every drop makes an ocean. Every of our small action counts.

With our collective efforts, we are optimistic we will not reach doomsday soon, which is what most environmentalists predict.

  • We Donate to Charitable Organizations and Social Groups

We believe in giving back to our local community and society at large - to help people across cultures unite together as one and to advance their good causes - like helping with the elderly, the homeless, the hungry, and animal rescue and shelter, etc.

However, we do not work with any specific charitable organization or social group. We believe in giving whenever the need is felt and to whichever charitable organization or social group regardless of their religion, nationality, culture, race, or language, etc.

We Believe Capitalism is Key to Large Scale Change

We believe that to achieve large scale change in our social and environmental eco-space, we must stop trying to appeal to people’s good intentions to save the planet. It is a fallacy in our opinion. Why?

People will continue to say they want to save the planet and yet continue to increase their carbon footprint, use of plastic, and fossil energy, etc. People will say they want equality and yet continue to exploit, discriminate, and stereotype, etc.

Instead, we must embrace and believe that capitalism is the only way to go because people are more committed and responsive when they can make money or save money solving our social and environmental issues.

We need to turn to the collective interest of individuals and businesses. This is where the capitalist system thrives. Only then will we see real change. Only then will we achieve scale. Only then can we save our planet and the human race.

The next social and environmental hero is the capitalist, the entrepreneur. YOU.

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