Your Fortune in 2020???

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Everyone on this planet knows that Chinese Lunar New Year is just round the corner. In every shopping center that you visit in Singapore at this time, you will be bombarded with Chinese songs to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.

This coming Chinese New Year would be the Year of the Rat. As such, you will see many Chinese New Year decorations with the rat on it that you could buy to decorate your house.

Before I get into the content of this blog article, I want to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends and clients of ALGOINSIGHTS PTE LTD a prosperous Year of the Rat and to my Non-Chinese friends and clients, happy holidays to you too.

A form of Prediction?

Enter a shopping center or a bookstall now and you will be faced with sign boards of the 12 zodiac signs and dozens of books on the shelves of bookstalls that “tell” you your “fortune” for the coming Year of the Rat.

You would also see people crowding around their zodiac signs and taking pictures of those sign boards with their “future” on it. In the bookstalls, you would also see people flipping through pages of such books looking for their “fortune” that the Year of the Rat has installed for them. Maybe you have done it yourself.

Whenever, I see people doing such acts, I pity them. Why?

I ask myself, “Why would they believe in those words and NOT in themselves?”, “Did they realize that all such authors talk about the same things about every zodiac sign but only in different ways of writing?”, “Can the authors be 100% sure of what they say in their books?”, “If the authors are really so good in telling the future before it happens, then why are they doing the same thing repeatedly year after year?”, “Whatever has happened to their ‘future’?”

They are also certain “Masters” who in their paid seminars tell you what you should buy, invest, and trade in the Year of the Rat with reference to your zodiac sign. They seemed to have a crystal ball into the future of the financial markets 12 months ahead of time. What a joke.

I am pretty sure they are not invested or traded themselves. Talk is cheap.

If trading and investing is as simple as looking at your zodiac sign like what they claim, then we would have at least 1.3 billion Warren Buffetts and George Soros on earth. Period.

Believe in yourself

Your fortune is in your hands, NOT in your zodiac sign.” This is a fundamental fact of life. This is what I always tell my friends and clients. This is what I believe. If there is only one statement you can remember from this blog article, then this is the one.

Look at all the things around you. The tall skyscraper, the mobile phone you hold in your hand, the computer that sits on your desk etc. They are the result of one’s belief. Without their belief and their determination to act on their belief, we will never have what we have now.

They believed in themselves and their capacity to create. Look at Steve Jobs, he did not rely on his zodiac sign to create Apple. He did it his way. And so, can you.

People who believe in the “fortune” of their zodiac signs are people who have lost their believe in themselves. And when you have lost the believe in yourself, you have lost everything in life.

I certainly hope, with this article of mine that you would reconsider your beliefs and start to believe in yourself and your capacity to create your beautiful life that is your birthright, starting this year, the Year of the Rat 2020.

Thank you for reading my blog article.

Success to you.

Victor Ang