How Will Your 2020 End?

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We are at the start of 2020 and I am asking you how your 2020 will end?

Why not a welcome message? Why ask about ending at the start?

This is because I want all my readers to end their 2020 with most if not all their goals achieved by the end of 2020.

Begin with the end in mind

Yes. Begin with the end in mind is a powerful concept coined by the late Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

I came across his book at the start of my career in 1989/90. I was so amazed at the 7 Habits and the profound effects they can have on our lives if we should practice it.

Practice it? Yes. I did.

In fact, I bought 4 copies of the same book. The first copy is my workbook on the 7 Habits. The other 3 copies are for my wife and my 2 children.

If you have not read this book, then you have MUST missed out a lot in your life. Go get it today would be my recommendation. Study it and practice it in your life. Your results, financial and otherwise, at the end of 2020 will be far greater than whatever you have achieved in 2019.

Begin with the end in mind is Habit No. 2 in the book. I will not talk about it here. Go get the book and study it.

End Results

What are the end results you want to see yourself achieved by the end of 2020? If you do not have it firmly in your mind at the beginning now, you will NOT have it at the end. It is this simple.

In life, we must be driven by results and should let our results determine the effectiveness of our actions. Most are just busy being busy. Not focusing on results. This is not ideal.

Only through results can we improve ourselves. We MUST let our results determine our next course of actions for any improvement to take place.

If our results have been good, then we repeat those actions that delivered them. If our results have not been good, then we improve, correct, or remove those actions that caused them.

This is how I created my Forex trading algorithms to deliver such exemplary results to my clients’ accounts.

This method of improvement is very fundamental to life. It is very Kaizen. It is applicable to your career, marriage, and weight-loss etc.

So, what results do you want to see at the end of your 2020?  Will your 2020 be the same as 2019, or 2018?

My mentor, Paul J Meyer once said, “If you have no goal, you have already achieved it.” Wise words from a successful multi-millionaire.

It is OK if your results for the past years have been less than ideal, but do you want change?

Smash Excuses

Unsuccessful people focus on excuses more than results. This is the single reason why they remain unsuccessful in life. They blame the whole world except themselves for their failures in life. They are the classic cry baby. They cry for anything and everything. Never be like them.

You have the power to change your destiny. You MUST smash all your excuses as your first goal. You MUST know the results you want to achieve and focus on it relentlessly. Period.

This is how successful people become successful. It is a decision in the making. Success does not come to anyone by accident. You will not be the first one.

If you are willing to smash all your excuses and focus on the results you want for 2020, then I know your 2020 will be greater than your past.

I thank you all for reading this article. I hope I have given you some thoughts to start your new year 2020. I wish all a great start and a fabulous ending to your 2020.

Success to all.

Victor Ang