See the Diff?

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Christmas 2019 just passed a few days ago. I hope all my readers of my blog had a great Christmas and received all the presents you have ever wanted.

As for me, my Christmas present came in the morning of 24th December 2019. Exactly on the Christmas Eve. After about 8 months of waiting. It was a memorable present that came at the right time for me.

So, what is this memorable present that I am talking about?

It was a certificate from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) that says “ALGOINSIGHTS” and “LET YOUR PROFITS DO THE TALKING” are collectively the registered trademark of ALGOINSIGHTS PTE LTD.

What a joy to have finally received this Trademark Certification on Christmas Eve. Another milestone event for me.

Probably the First Again

In my previous blog, I mentioned that ALGOINSIGHTS PTE LTD was probably the first in the Forex trading universe to license our proprietary Forex trading algorithms to qualified Accredited Investors and Institutional Investors locally and globally.

And now, we are probably the first again in the Forex trading universe to have trademarked our Brand name “ALGOINSIGHTS” and our Tagline “LET YOUR PROFITS DO THE TALKING.”

Frankly, I have always strived to be the first in all the things that I do. This is because I have always believed that, “to be No. 2 is to be the first loser.

This belief has kept me on top of things that I lay my hands on.

Why the Trademark?

Some people asked me why the trademark? Why the bother?

My answer to them is very straight forward, “to leave a legacy.”

History has shown that companies that trademarked their brands and/or taglines tend to be more enduring. Their Founders tend to be more far-sighted about the future of their business. They are more prudent in the way they conduct their business. They work with specific clients only. They take the welfare and interests of their employees and clients seriously. And they are vested in the long-term success of their business etc.

Just ask the Founders of Vanguard, BlackRock, and T. Rowe Price. They have all made their names in the trading and investing universe. They are legendary.

This is where ALGOINSIGHTS aims to be as a company and a brand name – To be the global Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of Forex (FX) trading algorithms that is most admired for its people, partnerships, and performance.

I focus on the 4 key words in our Vision statement – Global, People, Partnerships, and Performance. They are my guideposts to help me realize my Vision for ALGOINSIGHTS PTE LTD.

We believe in time to come, ALGOINSIGHTS will become a brand name to be reckoned with in the Forex trading universe. It will be a long and winding journey, but we are determined to get there no matter what. By then, ALGOINSIGHTS as a brand would have become a legacy worth leaving behind.

Thank you for reading my blog article and I hope you would share my joy of this milestone event like some of my friends and clients did.

Success to all.

Victor Ang