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Writing this blog article in a warm hotel room in Tokyo is a totally new experience to me.

Why? Because it is winter now in Tokyo, Japan. It is my first experience of winter. Expect more.

We are all so used to expect our hotel rooms to be cool for us to be comfortable. But winter is different. You need the warm or you get freeze out. It is 10 degrees out there.

More than just travel

Coming to Tokyo this time serves another purpose for me and that is to look at the office building of a Fund Administrator that is ranked one of the top 10 in the world.

I shall not mention the name of that Fund Administrator, but I think a search on the internet will get you there.

It all started about 2 months ago when I was being referred to them in their Singapore office. Personally, without being referred, I will never know them and never had the chance of having a chat with them at their Singapore office.

It was such a great experience. They are all experts in their field. It is always nice to speak with people who know stuff.

After some pleasantries, we decided to get down to business.

Partial Conversation

Mr M: The results on those accounts are unbelievable. How did you do that?

Me: I use a multiple-strategy approach.

Mr M: Do you do this on other asset classes?

Me: No. I only specialize in Forex trading with my suite of algorithms.

Mr M: Do you program your algorithms yourself?

Me: Yes.

Mr M: Unbelievable. These numbers are totally out of this world.

Me: Thank you.

Mr M: You know, if we can get 3% per year of net returns for our clients, they will be very happy. And if we can get them 5% per year, they will love us to the moon and back.

We all laughed.

Me: My algorithms do that kind of returns almost every month as you can see for yourself.

Mr M: Yes. I see that.

Me: Would this kind of results interest you and your institutional clients?

Mr M: Definitely. No question about it. I am still very shocked that such results could be achieved without human efforts.

Me: Human trading can never produce the results we can.

Mr M: Btw, how many algorithms you put into each of those accounts? Their risk-adjusted returns are different on each account.

Me: Yes. You are correct. Good observation. I have put between 3 to 7 algorithms into those accounts.

Mr M: The more algorithms the better?

Me: Generally, yes.

Mr M: OK. But as a rule, I will need 3 years of track records for me to put this up to the Board for consideration. You are still about 20 months short.

Me: Yes. I understand your concern. I am willing to wait. I trust my algorithms.

Mr M: Great. When that day comes, and with results like these, I believe, our institutional clients will be very happy.

Me: Great. I look forward to that day and the opportunity to work with your company.

Mr M: We will see then.

We shook hands as they led me out of their meeting room.

Fantastic feel

In the lift, I was feeling grateful for the meeting. I have never thought such a meeting could take place in my trading career.

I told myself, “maybe my time has come.”

Being a forward-looking optimist, I imagined them using my trading algorithms 20 months down the road. “It will be a huge testimony for myself and ALGOINSIGHTS PTE LTD”, I told myself.

It will be another milestone for me. It will be a big bonus when it becomes a reality.

The Power of Focus

Decades ago, my mentor, Paul J Meyer. He mentioned that without focus, everyone is lost. He told me that everyone can succeed in life if they can just stay focus.

I was in my early twenties then and to hear that statement made me really sit up and think. He was a multi-millionaire with several successful businesses under his name. This man walked his talk.

I decided, after listening to my mentor, to take my life more seriously if I really wanted to be “somebody” in life.

I asked him how and what I should do to stay focus. He answered, “Stop wasting my time on people, projects, and events that are not worthy or do not add value.” “Think deeply on value creation”, he added.

I believe every word he said. Till today, I am still thankful for his wisdom that has made me what I am today.

As mentioned in my previous blog article, distracted people have never been successful in life. And this is the reason why I only focus on trading the Forex market and nothing else.

No Stocks. No Options. Just Forex.

And I believe it is because of my focus and results that I deliver that people get to know me and refer me. I am thankful for that.

Therefore, regardless of your line of business, staying focus on your core is paramount to your business success. You cannot grow your business without it.

Thank you for reading my blog articles.

Victor Ang