Surprises!!! Surprises!!!

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Recently I invited 3 of my retail clients (sorry, no pics of my clients will be shown to protect their privacy and prevent them from harassment) to dinner in a Japanese Restaurant. The reason was that we had not met for a while and this was also my promise to them before my month-long holiday trip to Japan in July 2019. In addition, I wanted to see how diligent they had been with our trading system. Ha ha.

The privileged ones

That night, I told them they were the privileged ones because I no longer serve retail clients since the start of Sept 2019 and that I now serve qualified Accredited and Institutional Investors only. They felt good and appreciated.

After we had ordered our food. Naturally I asked them to open up their MT4 app on their phone to show me how their accounts have been since our last meeting months ago.

All growth

I am happy to see that all their 3 live accounts have grown in their net equity of between 24% and 40%. All have gone out of their S curve. They were happy with the growth in their accounts too.

To make their net equity growth even more meaningful for them to understand, I compared them with the FD rate in the banks. After some number crunching on our phone calculator, they realized that their current growth rate would take many, many years for the banks to deliver. “We are lightyears ahead of the banks,” I told them. They all were awed.

I shared with them this is the way true-blue traders and investors think and see their investment portfolios. Using percentages as a common denominator of measurement.

Travel with passive income

We were talking about what to do with the increased profits. Naturally, the topic of travel came to our minds since I just came back from Japan recently. Singaporeans like to travel a lot. But most do not have the time or money or both. I told them only passive income can free them from time and money issues. They agreed.

I told them travelling with passive income is a different feeling compared to using your savings, and encouraged to do their travel plans soon and set it as a goal.

Be deaf to noises

Then out of the blue came a shocking surprise.

One mentioned apologetically they were swayed by some discussions in the chat groups they were in.

Without wanting to know anything about the messages transpired in those chat groups and the participants in them, I told them in most cases, chat groups, social media, and forums are counter-productive at the very least.

They agreed with me. One said the chat group was “mentally draining”, “not useful”, and “full of negatives and rubbish” etc. Another mentioned, “very toxic and distracting.”

Thankfully, they are smart enough to have left those chat groups some time ago before my dinner treats that night.

I congratulated them on their decision.

We have a responsibility

I believe we have a responsibility to discharge in any chat group, social media, or forum platform we are in. It is a broadcast message. And we need to be responsible for any message that are being broadcasted to the group of recipients.

I respect free speech. But we must speak with responsibility. Sadly, this is not the case in most chat groups, social media, and forum platforms. I personally think a law is very much needed here to govern this.

Most participants in them are just too desperate for attention and traction and they will do all things to achieve their selfish aim including spreading lies and hatred to hurt people. There have been so many cases in the news of people committing suicide or went into depression because of messages from these petty, irresponsible, and small minded people.

Today they gossip about someone and tomorrow they will gossip about you. It is a rinse and repeat never-ending cycle.

I told them to be deaf to the world of noises and be a lighthouse instead if they really want to succeed as a good trader. To know where you stand and what you want. To know what to do and who to follow. Ignore all the waves (noises) around you. They agreed.

Eagles Vs Ducks

Before we ended our evening and after having answered all their questions, I decided to share with them why eagles and ducks don’t mix.

I told them eagles look for the tallest tree to build their nest on top of it. They have high goals. They know what they want and are determined to get it.

On the other hand, ducks look for the low ground to lay their eggs. They have no goals. They don’t know what they want and they quack all day long because that is the only thing they know how to do best.

I told them at the end of the day, eagles get admired and glorified. Ducks get slaughtered, roasted, and finally eaten. Decide to be an eagle.

Another surprise

Next morning, I received separate messages from them thanking me for the insights. They now they know the importance of staying on course, be a lighthouse, and not be swayed again.

I am glad I have added value to their lives over one dinner. This is what matters to me most. Period.

Cheers to all.

Victor Ang