Our Client Appreciation Event

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We had our 3rd Client Appreciation event on the 10th July 2019. It will also be our last as I have decided to retire.

Some clients asked me why stopped at 3?

The answer is very straight forward as I have learnt from my father from a long time ago – (无三不成礼)。

Many wanted me to continue as they have found our events to be very useful in getting to know one another.

In addition, many clients do not want me to retire…. Ha ha. Lex says, “Take a break for 1 year. Not retire.”

One of my major clients, Dr Daniel, a scientist, says he will come up with a pill that makes me live till my target age of 120 years old… Ha ha. Reason being that so all clients of AlgoInsights will continue to enjoy their profits with our algorithms for a long time to come. Very nice of him.

Conversations like these indicate how close we are as a family of traders. We no longer see ourselves as in the client and vendor relationships but rather business partners and friends.

More than 80 clients turned up

Yes, there were more than 80 clients turned up for the event, not counting some invited friends and guests.

It was another successful event just like the previous 2.

But unlike the previous 2 AlgoInsights events, I did not take many pictures and videos of my clients enjoying themselves at this event.

This is because I have decided to keep my clients base private. Clients privacy has also been the reason why I have deleted my AlgoInsights Facebook Page and removed my client testimonial page from my website.

I thank you all for your good comments and kind words in your testimonials. And please continue and keep your testimonials coming as I will safe keep them in my hard disk as my private collection and encouragement of my work.

What clients are saying

Below are what some of our clients say of the event:

“Thank you for organizing the trader’s appreciation cum networking event for us. Stef and I had great fun and met up with many like-minded individuals.” – Alvin

“Thank you, Victor, for organizing the event. I enjoyed myself and got to know a few new people.” – Thomas

“Many thanks Victor for organizing the event and hosting us.” – Gladys

All in all, I must thank all my clients for their support. This client appreciation event is just one of the ways I say, “Thank you.”


This was the response from one of my clients of 4 years, Genevieve. Shocked and disbelief.

Frankly, I do not know if I will go into full retirement. Having been heavily involved in the Forex trading universe over the last decade, I cannot answer that question myself, at least not for the time being.

When I was in the insurance industry many years ago, I said, “Once MDRT, always MDRT.” And now, I say, “Once a trader, always a trader.”

Maybe the response of Genevieve could be proven right. Only time will tell.

Thank you for your time reading this article.

Profitable trading to you.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder, AlgoInsights