Still Trading Mini Lot Sizes???

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Still Trading Mini Lot Sizes???

Many people were surprised to hear that I am still trading mini lots after 1 decade of successful trading using my proprietary suite of Forex trading algorithms.

They expected that my trade size should be much bigger than just mini lot sizes.

They expected that I should be trading in multiples of the standard lot size of 100K trade volume per trade. NOT the 10K trade volume per trade that I told them.

In fact, some of my clients were a bit suspicious when they first came onboard to use my trading algorithms.

They asked me, “Can I really make money trading mini lots?”

I can see their puzzled faces even after I reassured them.

Nevertheless, they bit the bullet and decided to go ahead with me, trading mini lot sizes with me.

And like they say, “the rest is history.”

The problem with novice traders and trading “gurus”

Both novice traders and trading “gurus” in the marketplace are just too eager to make money from each other.

The “guru” wants to make money from the novice traders by selling their courses quickly. And the novice traders want to learn how to make money from the “guru” FAST.

And this is where the problem starts.

In truth, making money in the trading universe is unlike what the trading “gurus” in the marketplace say.

They tell you to fund a big account because trading a is capital game. The bigger the account the better.

They tell you to trade big lot sizes to make big money from the market FAST.

They “demonstrated” to you how they “made” thousands and thousands of dollars per trade on EURUSD or USDJPY with their “strategy” and you must follow them and sign up for their courses in the next 10 minutes for a 50% discount to make money like them.

This is pure bullshit and most trading seminar presenters are just like that.

In my opinion, I think they need your money more than you need their “money-making trading strategies.”

Whenever you hear something like this in a seminar, I think you should take my advice and leave the seminar IMMEDIATELY and FAST.

Gurus do not publicize themselves over free seminars, Facebook, and Instagram posts. They are being sought after. Remember this fact.

To make money fast, you go slow.

Yes. There is nothing wrong with the sentence above. If fact, it is the essence of multimillionaires and multibillionaires.

Just ask Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Bill Gates and you will know why they are some of the richest people on earth. They know the importance of time, patience, and a great trading strategy.

However, novice traders are taught by the trading “gurus” to trade big sizes to feed their egos and to make a “killing” in the market. To make big money quick. This is counter-intuitive to any wealth creating strategies by any count.

This is how successful, and profitable traders trade 

True, profitable traders do not behave like any novice traders or follow the “instructions” of any “gurus” in the marketplace.

They know trading is a game of odds and probability. They study the risk of their every trade, and they mitigate their risk to the best of their ability.

In a word, they stack the odds on their side. And one of the best ways is to “slice and dice” their trading capital into many parts.

Ask Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Jesse Livermore.

This is how they win the market. Not with big trade sizes or big egos but with good odds and probability.

They also know that trading is a marathon NOT a sprint. As such, they see the need to preserve their limited capital for the long haul.

They are not concerned about big wins in every trade. They are more concern about how long they can stay in the trading game to win.

At AlgoInsights, this is exactly how we trade the Forex market. We preserve our capital with multiple mini lot sizes using the “slice and dice” method.

In addition, we mitigate our trading risks with multiple algorithms and across multiple pairs of currency to achieve a risk adjusted return of 90% and above.

Therefore, we are not ashamed of trading mini lot sizes. In fact, we are proud of it.

It is through this method that our trading has become a carefree lifestyle for all of us.

It is through this method that we can travel the world as and when we want without worry financial or otherwise.

It is through this method that we grow our capital consistently between 10% to 15% per month.

Personally, since 2010, I have not come across any trader that can come close to our results.

Like the Volkswagen advertisement say, “Think Small.”

Profitable trading to all.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder, AlgoInsights

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