Do You See with Your Eyes or with Your Mind?

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Do you see with your eyes or with your mind?

This title is not a trick question to arouse your curiosity to read this blog article.

This title came to me while I was bathing and thinking about the questions asked by some of my clients.

And I thought it makes a good title for this blog post article.

Having the opportunity to work with about 100 clients now, I noticed the questions asked by some of them has a direct relationship with the way they see the world and themselves as traders.

Questions like:

“The market has turned from the peak 2 days ago and why didn’t your algorithms take profits?”

“The 2 entry prices were so close to one another, why bother to enter the second time?”

“How come the PowerBands are taking so long to close my profitable trades? Can I manually intervene and close them all and take profits now?”

“I trade on 10 currency pairs and this month I lost money on EURGBP while I made money on the other 9 currency pairs. I have a net gain but should I stop trading EURGBP to prevent future losses?”

As far as I am concerned, these questions are not new to me. These are generic questions. Nothing wrong with them.

However, every time whenever I received such questions, I remind myself to count to 10 before answering. This is to help me manage my emotions so that I will not offend my clients.

Psychology behind your questions

There is a psychology behind your questions.

What you asked, and how you asked it reveals your psychology and depth of understanding and belief with the subject matter at hand.

This is very true when it comes to trading the financial markets whether Forex, Stocks, or Options.

Traders who asked these questions tend to have low understanding and belief in their trading strategies or even themselves as traders.

When their belief starts to diminish and doubts start to increase, they stop listening to good advice, they start to “add their own thinking” to their trading strategies, they start to change their trading strategies 24/5 etc.

Finally, they hit a wall. They crash and burn their accounts.

This is the fate of traders who see their trading career with their eyes only.

How to see with your mind’s eyes

When you see the sky is red. You know rain is coming. You would advise your children to carry an umbrella if they are going out.

This is one good example of seeing with your mind’s eyes in the real world.

You may say that it is through your personal past experiences that you know and believe that rain is coming when the sky is red. I have no questions about that.

However, it is not your answer that I am concerned about but your level of confidence and belief in delivering your answer.

You know you may be wrong in this occasion but deep down you know you would be more than 90% correct. This is the power when you begin to see things with your mind’s eyes.

All the rich people use this power to see what most people don’t see. This is how they capitalize on business and/or investment opportunities that make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

The good thing is that this power is within you too.

All you need to do is to begin to see things with your mind’s eyes from this blog post onwards.

For example, as a trader, ask yourself questions like;

“What is good about this trading strategy in the long term?”

“What can I do to increase and multiply my wealth with it?”

“Where can I apply this successful strategy elsewhere?”

Questions like these stimulate your mind to see things that most people don’t see. This is where you start to depart from them in terms of wealth creation and a happy life.

There is a strategy for success and failure

Yes. There is a strategy for success and failure.

Life is just so simple the way I see it. But most people are good at complicating their lives and they make their lives so painfully complex and hard to live.

Life is easy. Making money is easy. You just need to have the right strategy. Without the right strategy, you are doomed to fail. Period.

While I do not claim that I have the best trading strategy in the world with my Forex trading algorithms, but I have not come across a trading strategy that can outperform what we do at AlgoInsights in terms of consistency and repeatability in profit taking since 2010.

Please check our performance with our preferred broker, Axitrader.

Your Benefits

When you begin to see with your mind’s eyes, you transcend your reality.

You would feel calmer, collected, and confident within yourself. You will not be easily distracted by your current circumstance but instead you begin to see yourself beyond your current circumstances.

You begin to see yourself BIGGER than what and who you are now.

This is your destiny as a client of AlgoInsights.

Thank you.

Profitable trading to you.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder, AlgoInsights  

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