Gratitude Leads the Way

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In this blog article, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my clients again for their gratitude meals that they have given me over the last one month.

And they are, Andy, Alvin, Stefni, Genevieve, Vanessa, Louisa, Gabriel, Freddy, Fitrie, Cindy, Lex, Allen, Jenny, Michael, Wai Kein, Mei Chi, Kok Liang, Wilson, Kelly, Raymond, Mary, Kevin, Kelvin, Ming Tay, Danny, Eve, Alex, Clement, John, and James.

I thank you all for your breakfasts, lunches, tea-breaks, and dinners to celebrate my birthday on the 20th Nov as well as to celebrate our results.

I think I have put on some weight as I feel my pants are a “bit” tight now. Ha ha.

Why Gratitude is Important

When you show your gratitude, you are consciously and subconsciously telling the recipient many things like;

  1. I appreciate your help;
  2. I am thankful that you are there for me when I needed help;
  3. That you are one true friend;
  4. I can depend on you;
  5. I will help you whenever you need me etc.

These are the thoughts that transpired whenever you show your gratitude.

Gratitude is just an expression of love, and appreciation. It is FREE and yet we do not express that love very much in our daily lives. 

In my belief, we are all born with this gift in us. We are all born givers.

However, as our society progresses, as we become more stressful in our daily living. We turned to become more of a “Taker” than a Giver. We started to care for ourselves more than anyone else.

We take many things for granted now. We may be probably richer than our forefathers, but we are more empty on the inside.

We want what we want at the time and place we want it. Period.

We are not as considerate as our forefathers. We are not as tolerant as before.

Even with our children.

When was the last time you expressed your love, appreciation, and gratitude towards your family members, friends, and parents?

You know the answer yourself.

Did you know that the love or anger you expressed towards your loved ones this morning could be your last as well as their last?

Think about it.

Therefore, express love, appreciation, and gratitude at every given moment towards your friends, family members, pets, plants, trees, rivers, etc.

Always find something good about them and express your love, appreciation, and gratitude. Just tell them. It is just so simple.

And they will feel you.

By doing so, you would have set up a living example for them to follow.

Therefore, making this world a better place to live than what it is now.

Gratitude and Wealth

We are all connected. Life is all connected. Life is always in a constant state of flux.

There is always a beginning, and an end.

Every beginning has an end, and every end is a new beginning.

There is always a cause, and an effect.

What has this got to do with your wealth creating journey?


What you are going through now in your life is the results of your past decisions that caused it.

If you want to change your future for the better, you must start making better decisions, read better books, and associate with people at a higher level than where you are now.

Follow them. Seek their advice. Do not be afraid to ask them for help.

This is how I started my life journey 25 years ago with Rotary Club.

I noticed the members there were rich and successful. I told myself I wanted to be like them.

Later, I noticed they were very willing to give their time, money, and expertise for good causes outside Singapore as well as to help one another within the group.

This is the culture that I thought was very healthy and good for all. This is the culture I believe we desperately need in all organizations today.

Anyway, to cut the story short and after chatting with many members there, I concluded that they were expressing their love, appreciation, and gratitude towards one another whenever they help one another.

Many told me that their business and financial success have been very much attributed to the helping relationships that existed within the group. This discovery appalled me.  

I immediately saw the correlationship – More Gratitude Equals More Wealth.

At AlgoInsights, this is the exact culture I want to adopt.

And I am thankful to Andy, Alvin, Stefni, Lex, Wai Kein,Mary, Kevin, Freddy, Gabriel, Ming Tay, Norman, Kelly, Raymond, Genevieve, Vanessa, and Michael for they have come together among and between themselves to coach and help one another with our trading issues. I didn’t ask for it, but they were already doing it. This is great. I like it.

Last but not the least, I want to end this blog article withan important note – Life is not all about making money.

I have no doubts that all our clients of AlgoInsights will become financially successful trading the Forex market with our trading algorithms.

However, to be successful in one area of our life is the greatest failure of all.

We need good friends, good relationships, and good helping hands in our life’s journey.

It is no point to be the richest person on earth and yet have no good friends to enjoy a good glass of red wine with.

Let your gratitude shine my dear traders and readers.

Thank you for reading this blog article.

Profitable trading to you.

Victor Ang

CEO & Founder, AlgoInsights

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