Procrastination – Your Key to Failure.

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Most of us know the definition of the word – Procrastination. Just like most of us would also know the definition of words like – Success, and Financial Freedom.

But what makes the difference is that we all have the tendency to do more of what the definition of procrastination says than what the definition of success says.

We give ourselves reasons to procrastinate on things and tasks that must be done today. We tell ourselves that there is always a tomorrow. We tell ourselves to think positive that tomorrow will come, things will get better tomorrow, and our goals will be achieved etc.

We think in terms of our tomorrows as though we have control over all our tomorrows. Who is to say that we will wake up tomorrow morning? There is no guarantee at all. Just a foolish notion that some motivational speakers put into our heads after taking hundreds or even thousands of dollars from us in a rah-rah seminar.

The fact is we must be realistic with the way we live our lives. To be profitable and successful requires us to have a truthful current situation of where we stand now in relation to where we want to go.

To clearly identify our current situation is the hardest part. We have a tendency to go into a denial mood to describe our current situation. We don’t want to face our truth, do we? We would rather reason it away with something external of ourselves. However, we are pretty good at describing about our futures. We love to tell ourselves stories. Stories we know that may not come true or even come close to our description. But we still believe in them.

Actually, to achieve your success in life, you need not attend any rah-rah motivational events. You just need to have a clear plan of action and a bias to take constructive actions, no matter how small a step maybe, towards that end. However, this is easier said than done. Because we as human beings have a big letter P in us that pulls us back. That word is Procrastination.

Procrastination has “killed” the enthusiasm of even the most enterprising individuals. It has “killed” many dreams, and grounded many potential geniuses from achieving their full potential. What about you?

To succeed in life, we must “kill” procrastination in its track. Not with visioning, or positive thinking but with discipline, personal will power and constructive actions. This is the only way I know to overcome and be master of procrastination. That means to make the discipline and will power to take construction actions towards your goals whether you like it or not. You gotta “Just Do It” as Nike says. It is all about changing your behaviors for the better.

WARNING: Never allow procrastination to have a stronghold over you, this is a recipe for failure. Guaranteed.

I hope this article would help you stop procrastination in your life and that you stop delaying your success in your life. Go ahead and achieve your personal and business success NOW.

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